BioStock: Enorama Pharma about the US agreement


Interview with Vice President, Annette Agerskov, about the new collaboration and what it means for Enorama Pharma.

Recently, Enorama Pharma announced the signing of an agreement with the global pharmaceutical company Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories for the development and sale of the company’s nicotine gum in the North American market. BioStock contacted the company’s vice president Annette Agerskov to find out more about the new cooperation and what it means for Enorama Pharma.

Enorama Pharma develops so-called Drug delivery products in the form of medical chewing gum with initial focus on OTC-products (over-the-counter), i.e. non-prescription medical products sold directly over the counter to consumers. The company’s first main product with a generic main ingredient targets a growing multi-billion market: a nicotine gum for smoking cessation.

The company was listed last summer and already had important cooperation agreements in place, including with Indian Aizant who specializes in development and production. Previously, there has also been a signed dealer agreement for the European market, with a so far unnamed partner.

In parallel with the development work, Enorama has also worked to identify additional potential partners and customers ahead of an expected future market approval. The work has given the desired result and in October, the company was able to present a development and sales agreement regarding the US market with Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, a global pharmaceutical company with over 20,000 employees in 20 countries.

No financial details of the agreement have been disclosed, but according to the company’s press release, Dr. Reddy’s will pay Enorama’s development costs, while the Malmö based company will deliver nicotine gum for sales under Dr Reddy’s brand in the US market.

Can you tell us anything about the sales agreement signed with Dr Reddy’s on the 12th of October, i.e how does it differ from the agreement you have with your so far unnamed partner in Europe?

“The agreement differs in the way that we will perform specific development and clinical commitments for Dr Reddy’s in order to adapt our product to the requirements of the North American market. In the United States, for example, there is a requirement that nicotine gum is sold in childproof packaging, which is not a requirement in Europe. In addition, it is required to use FDA approved production facilities, which there are not so many chewing gum manufacturers in the world that have.

– Annette Agerskov, Vice President Enorama Pharma

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