BioStock: Today we celebrate “World No Tobacco Day”


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World Health Organization WHO estimates that there are about 1 billion smokers in the world.

In 1967, the company AB Leo and the Swedish navy found that soldiers aboard u-boats needed a new way of resigning their abstinence and smoke request underwater. A few years later, this idea had evolved into Nicorette, the world’s first nicotine gum. In 2016, the product sold for GBP 66 million in Britain alone and was the third largest non-prescription product in the country. In 2018, once again, a Swedish company, Enorama Pharma, is ready to offer smokers a new nicotine gum that will challenge the great seller Nicorette and the other giant in the area, Nicotinell in their oligopoly-like position on the world market.

On May 31, World No Tobacco Day, annually addresses the major health risks of smoking, especially cardiovascular disease, which kills more people than any other disease globally. The global tobacco epidemic kills more than 7 million people each year, of which nearly 900,000 are non-smokers that die of passive smoking. The World Health Organization WHO estimates that there are about 1 billion smokers in the world.

These statistics, in addition to the dangers of smoking, provides a picture of the huge market base for products aimed at reducing the number of smokers and deaths related to smoking. The global market for so-called NRT products, Nicotine Replacement Therapies, grow steadily and nicotine gums are one of the more popular options. At the same time, the recently promising e-cigarette is facing increasingly serious medical concerns.

Enorama Pharmas product is manufactured using a unique method based on compressed gum technology which will provide superior taste and chewing properties. The market strategy is primarily based on a private label concept, which means that the products are marketed under Enorama’s customers’ own brands. With a cost-effective business model where both development and manufacturing are outsourced and where distribution and marketing are managed by those who knows their markets the best – Enorama’s customers and partners are aiming to give the drug giants GlaxoSmithKline and Johnson&Johnson a match on the global multi-billion market for NRT products.

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