CBD – Nature’s own medicine


CBD is one of Enorama’s prioritized areas of product and market development. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of many chemical components derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant. It’s a fast-growing plant, with a one-year lifespan, that has been grown for medical purposes for thousands of years.

Today, the demand for CBD as an active ingredient in pharmaceutical products is tremendous. CBD has proven to be an effective pain reliever, and it also has a proven track record to deal with certain other medical conditions. The Swedish Medical Products Agency claims to have found proofs of CBD to be effective as an add-on treatment to certain forms of epilepsy. It’s also been shown to be effective as one of two active substances in a medicine against muscle spasm in multiple sclerosis, MS1. It should be noted these are both prescription drugs.

CBD’s relationship to Cannabis often elicits negative connotations. It’s important to note that CBD reacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which controls the communication between cells, the nervous and immune system, as well as other organs and parts of the body. CBD is non-intoxicating and doesn’t have any psychoactive properties. This is an important piece of information for the public to properly understand so that we can start leveraging the many positive properties of CBD.

Enorama Pharma AB received a permit from the Swedish Medical Products Agency In 2018, to handle Cannabis. Testing and prototyping takes place in our lab in Malmo, and proof-of-concept studies are well underway for CBD products in

both gum and pouch form. The decision to operate our in-house lab was a strategic decision that gives us flexibility and control over the process. With our own staff we can handle Cannabis in a safe manner as directed by the authorities. The Cannabis permit is renewed on an annual basis based on rigorous control and oversight.

CBD products designed to be delivered through the oral cavity is seeing a bright future in Europe and North America. The global CBD market is estimated to reach levels of $55-$60 billion by 2025. We believe that Enorama is very well positioned to take part of this explosive growth. North America is already becoming more and more liberal towards different forms of CBD products and pouches and gums are gaining a lot of popularity. That’s an area where Enorama sees great potential.

The viewpoint on CBD and other Cannabinoid products is still split, but Hemp has played a vital role in mankind’s existence for a very long time and Enorama wants to emphasize the many properties the plant has to offer when handled and extract correctly. We want to move CBD to the category of safe, serious, and reliable substances. It’s nature’s own medicine, and a very good one at that when handled and distributed correctly.