Commit to Quit – WHO launches campaign to help 100 million people quit tobacco


In december 2020 World Health Organization (WHO) launched “Commit to Quit.”
A year-long global campaign for World No Tobacco Day 2021. The campaign will help create healthier environments that are conducive to quitting tobacco by advocating for strong tobacco cessation policies; increasing access to cessation services; raising awareness of tobacco industry tactics, and empowering tobacco users to make successful quit attempts through “quit & win” initiatives. 

A scientific brief released earlier by WHO* shows that smokers are at higher risk of developing severe disease and death from COVID-19. Tobacco is also a major risk factor for noncommunicable diseases like cardiovascular disease, cancer, respiratory disease and diabetes.

– Smoking kills 8 million people a year, but if users need more motivation to kick the habit, the pandemic provides the right incentive, said WHO Director-General, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus**.

Quitting tobacco is challenging, especially with the added social and economic stresses that have come as a result of the pandemic. Worldwide around 780 million people say they want to quit, but only 30% of them have access to the tools that can help them do so. Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) is an important part of this.

Together with partners, WHO will provide people with the tools and resources they need to make a successful quit attempt. Create and build-up digital communities where people can find the social support they need to quit.

The Quit Challenge is on WhatsApp and presented in the publication “More than 100 reasons to quit tobacco”