Short facts:
  • Private label – consumers market and sell the product under their own brands.
  • Lean / agile – the company has a cost-effective organisation via work with partners.
  • Production – outsourced to CMO, resulting in low fixed costs and minimal capital tied up.



Our key to success is a flexible
and cost-effective business model

The Enorama Pharma business model is to develop and manufacture consumer friendly medicated chewing gums using our ChewMed® technology which is a unique compressed gum technology. We operate in a business-to-business context leaving the Enorama Pharma organization lean and agile. Key activities such as R&D, clinical studies, regulatory affairs are outsourced to global partners. Sales and marketing are out licensed to our customers.

License- and supply agreements

The Enorama Pharma technology will be commercialized through license- and supply agreements with pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, tobacco and Fast-Moving Consumer Goods companies who market and distribute the products under their own brand. With our business model customers are able to specify their unique requirements regarding API as well as the shape, color and taste of the gum.

Our first product, a more consumer-friendly nicotine gum, has already been developed and agreements with partners have been signed.

New therapeutic applications will be developed together with different partners and the partnering companies will brand and sell the final products.