DS Group – A multifaceted international partner


Long-term perspective and trust are objectives that clearly summarize the motivation behind the increased level of investment in Enorama Pharma by DS Group we previously addressed at our web site.

To better understand what a powerful global player Dharampal Satyapal Limited (DS Group) is for Enorama, we asked our board member Bengt Jönsson, CEO & Director at DS Global Marketing Pte. Ltd. in Singapore (part of DS Group, India), to introduce an overall picture of the company:

– DS Group is a multi-differentiated conglomerate with operations in a variety of industries and business areas. Founded in Delhi, India back in 1929, DS Group has from its conception, been driven by an innovative force and a strong focus on customer’s experience of products and services.

– Based in India and with its population as initial target group, DS Group has grown strong and successful over the years by gently embracing trends and product areas matching its Indian roots and heritage. Let’s not forget that India posts a gigantic market in itself.

The outcome of their strategy has rendered a very impressive portfolio of strong brands and labels. DS Group is a market leader in food, beverages, confectionery, dairy as well as within a rather special area: precious metals – gold and silver – solely intended for decoration and consumption in food and pastries!

Diversification is key for DS Group. Successful operations in hospitality, industry, retail, cement, and packaging are matched with various production facilities. For example, their recent focus on Heat Resistant Rubber Thread has generated a new and important revenue stream, which further broadens their scope.

DS Group is constantly on the look-out for new areas of development and global partners. The group show a turnover of approximately USD 1.4 billion. As part of continued growth and development, ambition, of course, is further enhancing their international reach.

This ambition is characterized by their patience. A wise approach when familiarizing with emerging markets and new opportunities. U.S. is one such emerging market, where their focus has been on the coasts that hold a large population of people with Indian roots who welcome products they are familiar with.

Bengt Jönsson, is a seasoned expert within fast-moving consumer goods at Kraft Freia Marabou and Swedish Match to name a few, has for more than two decades followed the  development of innovative products tobacco alternatives. When it comes to the DS Group’s interest in nicotine products in general – and Enorama in particular – Bengt Jönsson comments:

– DS Group is an expert in external analysis and evaluation of target markets. Countries and authorities in the Asia-Pacific region are at the moment, and in comparison, with many other countries in the world, not as far ahead in their harm

reduction efforts. There are many reasons for this yet the concensus is clear: there are a lot of other domestic challenges for both people and societies as a whole in these areas that are higher prioritized. Still, an ever-growing awareness concerning personal health among many individuals in the region are rising.  The increased awareness is picking up the pace, fast. A tendency DS Group has noticed not least when monitoring terms of trends and regulations regarding nicotine in Europe and the United States.

Enorama Pharma has been on DS Group’s radar for a long time. They entered the organization early on to get to know the business and learn more about this important and exciting segment. Encouraged by a positive impression of their products, organization and management, DS Group has decided to increase their ownership and commitment in the Enorama operation.

Mr. Rajiv Kumar, Vice Chairman, DS Group, has this to say about the initiative:

– We believe in the research and development Enorama Pharma gone through and are quite impressed with their monetization plans. We also believe that the products developed with so much of devotion shall do wonders and fill any existing gaps in nicotine delivery products category. I place my reliance on the confidence of the Enorama team to capture good market share and realize high rewards for itself and its investors.  

– We hope to be not only a good speaking partner to Enorama but also hope to find synergies in some business routes where we through our organization and business networks can add value.

– We at DS Group are not obsessed with topline- or bottom-line figures. We enter businesses where we see value growth on a long-term basis and where we see that we can add something to the dinner table. We will continue to support Enorama Pharma – not only with our experience and infrastructure but also resources, subject to their working with the same zeal.

What DS Group brings to the table is an important knowledge and a large network within the Enorama product segment. DS Group is a dynamic player, having profound insight and understanding of doing business in and around those different business cultures that Asia offers. This understanding and knowledge will benefit Enorama in a market with an enormous business potential.

Doing the right thing and thus having the opportunity to meet the right decision-makers will enable Enorama to make important strategic market decisions for the benefit of our organization over time. When growing into new markets, a competent, strong partner is vital. In our line of business – within Pharma – a long-term perspective is indisputable throughout all processes. The understanding of its nature not the least.

Long-term perspective and trust are vital keys for future success.

Find out more about DS Group at www.dsgroup.com