Enorama initiates collaboration with cannabis expert Dr. Arno Hazekamp


Enorama Pharma initiates a collaboration with Dr. Arno Hazekamp to benefit from his expertise within cannabis. Arno advices Enorama’s product developers and a cannabis workshop was recently arranged to broaden the company’s knowledge of cannabis and discuss the constantly changing market for medical cannabis products.

Who is Dr. Arno Hazekamp?

Dr. Arno Hazekamp (1976) has worked within the Dutch medicinal cannabis program since 2001. He holds a MSc degree in molecular biology, and a PhD in pharmaceutical research on medicinal cannabis, both from the University of Leiden, Netherlands.

My main understanding of the cannabis plant is from a biochemical point of view: what compounds are present in the many cannabis varieties, and how can they be developed into modern medicines that are acceptable to patients”, says Dr. Arno Hazekamp