Enorama Pharma decide on Viskan as e-commerce platform


Enorama Pharma has chosen the use of system and platform from Swedish tech supplier Viskan.

As vital part of continued development of e-commerce in the US, nic-s.com, Enorama Pharma has chosen the use of system and platform from Swedish tech supplier Viskan. At this stage, being in an active stage focusing on constructing in-house sales, Viskan will become a perfect partner for Enorama Pharma in doing so.

“Viskan’s broad experience and resources create both quality and future proofing to our expected volume sales in the USA”, says Kevin Tir, International eCommerce Manager, at Enorama. “This is next-level. A high security solution able to handle all the complex parameters and regulations falling under e-commerce in the US and North America. Technology and know-how at Viskan are absolutely at the forefront which feels very good and matches sales strategy and needs for our premium product NIC-S®”.

Viskan develops various solutions for e-commerce and subscription for companies of high-level ambition. Annually, roughly five million subscription orders are handled by systems from Viskan serving reputable customers such as Swedish pharmaceuticals Apoteket, clothing chain store KappAhl, home electronics NetOnNet and others.

A large number of customers to whom Viskan deliver systems have international operations. Platforms and systems supporting different currencies, payments, languages, ​​and VAT rates. With a track record of having completed more than 200 projects for various clients, Viskan and its accumulated experience will prove beneficial to Enorama Pharma.

“After a meticulous selection process, Enorama has put Viskan first among the platform providers on the market. From Viskan’s side, we see an interesting case opening up sales in many markets with the US as the first port of call”, says Fredrik Ottosson, Head of Sales, at Viskan.

“Viskan will be a complete delivery covering both system and user interface. That feels very satisfying. A solution that also will be used in Europe,” concludes Kevin Tir.