Enorama Pharma enters into an agreement with Twinroll Service AB on international sales of tobacco-free nicotine pouches


Enorama Pharma AB (publ) (“Enorama Pharma” or “the Company”) has entered into an agreement (“the Agreement”) with Twinroll Service AB (“Twinroll”) on international sales of the Company’s tobacco-free nicotine pouches “All White”.

The agreement regulates the Company’s and Twinroll’s cooperation regarding Twinroll’s private label sales of Enorama Pharma’s proprietary tobacco-free nicotine pouch products. The agreement, which has an initial contractual term of 3 years, gives Twinroll an exclusive right to private label sales of the products in Qatar, Finland, Romania and the Czech Republic, while also granting a non-exclusive right to sell the products in Poland, Iceland and New Zealand. The exclusive sales rights are conditional on the achievement of certain predetermined minimum quantities. The parties estimate the total sales volume under the Agreement, for all the affected markets, to more than 280 million SEK over the entire contract period.

“Twinroll Service AB has achieved great success in the past year through B2C sales of tobacco-free nicotine pouches. Through the collaboration with Enorama Pharma AB, the company will launch its brand “Noon White”. We are looking forward to the collaboration with Enorama Pharma AB which ensures a good delivery capacity with high quality products”, says CEO Jonas Lindkvist, Twinroll Service.

“The agreement with Twinroll is extremely important for Enorama Pharma. It is another strong confirmation that we have chosen the right path to achieve our high goals. It is with great pleasure that we can confirm that our tobacco-free pouches will be found in several international markets. Enorama Pharma has recently established itself as one of the few global suppliers in a market that is predicted to have an eightfold growth potential over the next five years. In 2025, the market is expected to sell 1.1 billion cans of “All White Nicotine Pouches” according to Haypp Group. Enorama Pharma is today strategically positioned for growth and profitability at the same time as people around the world choose to quit smoking. Enorama Pharma offers world-class Swedish, tobacco-free “Harm Reducing Products” and we look forward to a long-term and close collaboration with Twinroll”, says CEO Mats Rönngard, Enorama Pharma.