Enorama Pharma Inc. is growing


It’s with great joy and excitement that we welcome Spencer Hirst as Head of Business Development for our US Subsidiary, Enorama Pharma Inc. Spencer will bring his background and expertise in digital marketing and brand development to the table in an effort to expand NIC-S’ reach, both through e-commerce channels as well as through conventional brick-and-mortar retail. He will also expand on NIC-S’ brand identity to further establish it as the premium brand it is, with the end goal of making it the market leader of completely tobacco-free Nicotine Pouches in the US. 

– I connected with Kristoffer Ronngard, Head of Enorama Pharma US Operations, through some mutual connections and we realized we had a lot in common and that my background and expertise could become valuable for Enorama and NIC-S. A few weeks later we met again, this time in a more professional setting, to have an in-depth discussion regarding all things e-commerce and digital sales strategies.  

– It was impressive and inspiring to see what Kristoffer and the team at Enorama have built in such a short period of time. Despite an incredibly short runway, Enorama and NIC-S is fully up and running, sales are going, and the brand itself is garnering more and more attraction. This is motivating and I honestly can’t see any limitations to NIC-S’ potential. 

– It’s evident how Enorama’s background in the pharmaceutical industry has shaped the organization. There’s a great sense of pride and care around all details within the organization, which in whole generates a vibe of top-tier quality. This notion of superior quality is incredibly important since this care for details and excellence trickles all the way down to the end consumer. NIC-S is a premium product with a very attractive value proposition, which we are now improving the messaging on to put that front and center in our digital sales strategy. Being a part of shaping this is fun and inspiring. There’s an irresistible potential here in an ever-growing market.  

– I am passionate about nature and the great outdoors, so for me it’s extra comforting to know that Enorama strives towards creating better public health by offering more conscious choices regarding alternative nicotine products. The quest for a smoke-free society is an honorable pursuit.

– It’s with great pride I now join this competent and powerful team to bring Enorama and NIC-S to the next level in the US. For a number of years, I got to develop my own business that spanned both e-commerce and traditional brick-and-mortar sales of Mountain Western lifestyle apparel. I bring this experience with me as I now pivot to another sector of consumer-focused retail; fast moving consumer packaged goods. I hope I can contribute with new and fresh ideas that I have accumulated by working with various start-ups and their strategic business models.

This is going to be a wild and exciting journey to embark on.