Enorama Pharma Inc. is now in business.


The ambition having an Enorama Pharma held business in North America is obvious: It’s crucial to be part of the North American market and in contact with our partners there. It is a necessity for Enorama to be present. Having our ears to the ground focusing on customer needs, regulatory conditions and business opportunities. In short: Physical presence is vital. First product of our own on to the U.S. market will be NICS-S: Our tobacco-free, All White Nicotine Pouches, offered in several flavors and nicotine strengths.

The tobacco-free nicotine market in the United States is rapidly growing. An important commercial opportunity for Enorama with an unparalleled potential of growth. And Enorama is present. Our own U.S. based organization, Enorama Pharma Inc, makes us operational together with our partners having attractive products available to consumers. Being present in America under our own company label, is both an important and necessary decision for credibility and growth.

Kristoffer Rönngard will act as General Manager US Operations and head Enorama Pharma Inc. Kristoffer, son of Enorama Pharma CEO, Mats Rönngard, has lived and worked for more than 11 years in the U.S. (California) Since graduating with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Business Marketing at San Francisco State University, Kristoffer has worked as Senior Producer and Head of Operations for globally acclaimed and award-winning creative digital studio Transparent House. Specialized in digital visualization, storytelling and interactive solutions for clients such as Amazon, Samsung, Google, Facebook, HP, Logitech and Wacom among others. As a manager, Kristoffer was part of a group of cutting-edge competencies creating content-focused marketing strategies meeting up customer’s needs and profitability requirements. Kristoffer’s network is valuable as well as extensive.

An indisputable sense of structure and market is what Kristoffer will bring to the table. Thus, creating success for the company. A strong sense and mind for innovative power and entrepreneurship. In addition to his work with research, marketing strategy and tactics, Kristoffer has been instrumental in developing the brand NIC-S design and brand essence. He has also been a driving force when forming the U.S. affiliate responsible for negotiations with customers and suppliers.

In the United States, as in the rest of the world, tobacco smoking is one of the major sources of critical health situations. For many years at federal level, extensive work has been going on to influence and encourage tobacco users to reduce consumption and if possible in the long run, completely abstain.

A common method used by authorities has been to raise the purchase threshold for tobacco products by imposing new taxes. Given: Increase products price. Another initiative has been to show, in explicit campaigns, a variety of negative effects tobacco products and smoking has on humans. A well recognized initiative from several countries.

This is obviously a good ambition. But more efforts are called for to create a marked reduction in sales and use. Change takes time and change also requires a different way of thinking. Offering alternative products are required. A transition towards a healthier life.

In that context, Harm Reduction, as a concept, states an important part. In the U.S., as in larger parts of the world, access to alternative nicotine products is called for. 

A product that more and more consumers in the United States look at as a good alternative is All White Nicotine Pouches. As well as demand, there is an increasing level of knowledge about the product and its effect amongst the consumers. Therefore, it is paramount for us to reach to the consumers and above all – have them to get to know and appreciate us and our product NIC-S.

It is with a great self-confidence that we enter this massive North American market. Founded in a solid idea of ​​creating a better public health, with no background in or part of the tobacco industry, the Enorama Pharma credibility is undisputed. With our nicotine products, we will be able present alternatives for those who want and need an opportunity to opt out of tobacco for a shorter or longer period in favor of the alternatives we offer.

Still, at the end of the day, it’s all about doing good business. To make money for the company, our shareholders and investors. For growth, development and continued success.