Enorama Pharma issues strategically placed directed public shares

Mats Rönngard

Enorama has decided to issue directed public shares to Dharampal Satyapal Limited (DS Group, India) to increase their working capital with 28 MSEK. DS Group will thereby increase their ownership interest and its involvement with Enorama. This capital injection will be an asset to accelerate Enorama’s ongoing market launch of Tobacco-Free Nicotine Pouches and Nicotine Chewing Gum.

– It’s incredibly important for us at Enorama to partner up with powerful international players. That is why it was so gratifying to feel that we share the same ambition, goals, and commercial potential for the company, Mats Rönngard, Enorama CEO, says.

– DS Group has a wide knowledge base and a massive network in the fast consumer goods category and they are also a well-established powerhouse in several geographical markets, most prominently in Asia, which is where we see a lot of potential. DS Group, with their HQ in Singapore will be able to help us in all facets of business development through their great insight and experience in the industry.

– We continue to grow with a great sense of confidence on an International scale from our HQ in Malmö.  We are well aware that the regulatory reality we operate in, in many ways has a time perspective that is neither easy to explain nor always easy to understand. For me as CEO, and Enorama as a company, it is necessary to create a robust framework along with establishing a base for financial security that will allow us to grow.

– To establish your organization in an incredibly competitive market requires time and patience along with nerves of steel. It is our conviction that there’s never been as much excitement and commotion pertaining to Nicotine Products as there currently is. That’s why it’s important to analyze, and question, every step that Enorama takes. To do things right is a main pillar of our organization. Now we are also seeing how much faith one of our main shareholders have in our organization, by adding some financial stability along with providing us with a wider international presence. This gives us a tremendous boost and allows us to continue confidently.  

More interesting information about DS Group will be released soon.