Long awaited German launch of Enorama nicotine chewing gum


Focusing on top pharmacies and mail-order pharmacies in Germany, Enorama Pharma’s business partner, betapharm Arzneimittel GmbH, has launched the first generic nicotine chewing gum on the German market under the brand name Nicotin beta®.

betapharm has decided to give Nicotin beta® an attractive sell-in discount to pharmacies rendering a price advantage to consumers. Serving as crucial point of sales, pharmacies will benefit from supporting POS material, online banners, shop window displays, digital screens, and website. Vital for sales and brand awareness. In conjunction to the public-health-approach such a product like Nicotin beta® represents, a smoking cessation program is also in preparation by betapharm soon to be presented online.

Thorough market research has been conducted on every aspect of consumer behaviour and needs prior to entering this attractive market.

Nicotine replacement products as such are well known in German pharmacies. Since years of pandemic though, a vast number of customers has moved to e-commerce.

Nicotin beta® will offer a generic product underlining the advantages of NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy). Brand awareness will follow through planned digital cessation program. It is built up in association with local psychologists and betapharm aspirates to function as a driver when creating insightful consumers using nicotine gum to quit smoking.

Being confident, yet humble of market response, an overall expectancy from sales is set to up to 1.3 million Euro the first year. Responding to a 15% market share.

Prior to launch, betapharm market research has defined one group of typical German consumers as; mid-age, newlyweds, perhaps child planning with several attempts to quit tobacco habits over the past years. An additional, yet important group are those of higher age. Focused on health due to doctor’s recommendation.

– When looking at what we’re up against, there are two strong brands already present on the German market. This possesses a challenge of course. But we’re up for the challenge since we are providing such a strong product as well as solid value proposition for the consumer, says betapharm representative.

The turnover from German pharmacies is on a steadily rise and has been so for several years. In 2020 amounted to approximately 56.7 billion euros. Notable, that the average turnover per pharmacy has risen to a record value of approximately 2.78 million Euro annually. About 90% of this turnover is for the delivery of medicines. Just under 9% within the so-called supplement range. The number of branch pharmacies has risen to a current maximum level of 4,643. According to German Statista (de.statista.com), in 2020, Germany held 18,753 public pharmacies.

From an Enorama perspective, the betapharm launch generates a massive boost. Confirming an undisputed effort out of every part of our organization. An ultimate proof of concept from which we all take pride.

We wish all the best for our partner betapharm and Nicotin beta®.