May 31, 2021. World No Tobacco Day.


World Health Organization (WHO) has designated May 31 each year as World No Tobacco Day. Offering countries around the world an opportunity to pay attention to and act upon the catastrophic impact of tobacco on man and environment. The Tobacco-Free Day initiative was taken by WHO as early as 1987.

The 2021 theme for World No Tobacco Day 2021 is “Commit to Quit”. A year-long campaign launched by the WHO in December 2020. Aiming to help those millions of people to get rid of tobacco addiction. A topic addressed previously in our Enorama’s news feed.

WHO is pushing for creating healthy environments that facilitate and support people wanting to quit tobacco. Also to increase public awareness of those health benefits that arise when you opt out of tobacco hopefully leaving it for good. Accentuated for sure by the Covid-19 pandemic, seeing smokers as a very vulnerable group. Also, using this campaign, WHO directly call upon the individual tobacco user to make an active choice to quit: Commit to Quit. This by making a personal commitment on their campaign website.

World No Tobacco Day urge and remind countries around the world to provide people with access to counselling, free guides, digital cessation services, alternative nicotine products and medicines. All proven tools when helping people reduce or quit using tobacco. Important measures improving public health, saving money and human lives. Raising global awareness of the negative effects of tobacco, people are given an opportunity to make healthy choices to improve well-being for themselves, their surroundings, family and friends.

Creating insight and awareness is long-term work given different preconditions depending on countries’ social structure and socio-economic status. An increasing awareness has also pointed out the fact that tobacco derived smoke is identified as a serious environmental culprit with a passive, negative impact on peoples living environment. Therefore, non-smoking cities are something we undoubtably will see as future standard in many parts of the world.

Creating hurdles, making it bit difficult to smoke, has been shown effective as facilitator as well as motivator for consumers to abandon tobacco smoke in favour of alternative products. Or even better: To quit altogether. Socially, tobacco smoking nowadays more and more seems like a habit very much out of date. Even though far too many still choose to do so.

Internationally, No Tobacco Day, May 31, is accentuated by governments and public health, through seminars, public gatherings and educational programs. Each initiative to create awareness of tobacco use and impact caused by the tobacco industry. Since all tobacco products are harmful and addictive, lack of information should not prevent people from making healthy, well-informed choices.