Meet Anemona Doko, Product Developer Enorama Pharma.



– Already as a child I knew that pharmaceuticals were going to be my field of work growing up, says Anemona Doko, Product Developer at Enorama Pharma.
– Medications made people feel better. Made them healthy. And that was something I really wanted to be engaged in when time comes!

After five years of study at the University of Gothenburg, Anemona graduated in 2019. As trained chemist she took her place amongst medicines and drugs in the pharmacy world.

– It became an important experience to meet up with customers and their needs. Being knowledgeable in an advisory role creates a value. For myself as well as for our customers within the pharmacy.

In November 2020, Enorama emerged as an exciting opportunity. A small-scale operation -though with big ambitions. An opportunity to turn ideas into reality with a short decision span. Anemona entered the lab to join a skilled group of people developing the company’s All White Nicotine Pouches

– Working with alternative nicotine products is something that really gets me going. My responsibility, our work, includes so many parts that concern the effect and the experience of our products. Taste and strength. The perception of what is referred as the release time. Meaning: How fast the pouches active substance creates an impact for the user as well as the duration of it. Things defined by many, as the product’s actual value. Where Enorama’s products have received a very high rating.

When asked where Anemona sees Enorama in ten years, the answer comes without hesitation:

– Enorama will be successful with several different products on a global market. I am absolutely convinced that it will be a success. On a personal level, I have an equally definitive vision: Myself, in some way, in a manager role for one or more product areas.