Meet Birgitta Tennhammar Ekman, QA at Enorama Pharma.



– Structure and detail. Fundamental for success, says Birgitta Tennhammar Ekman, QA Manager at Enorama Pharma. – From the ground up, the Enorama quality system ensure that our processes and pharmaceutical products meet standard and regulatory requirement placed upon us as a business. Well known, the concept of quality is dual: Experienced in one part as taste and effect through our products. As another, displayed in traceable accuracy, characterizing the work methodology, documentation and competence in and of our company.

As expert pharmacist, Birgitta Tennhammar Ekman function as a link between Enorama and the authorities. Subordinate to company management, but independent in her role as auditing quality manager. – I take great pride in the approval of Enorama all across. Considering the fact that all requirements are the same regardless of company size. Underlining that serious approach Enorama have in our ambition to create.

During her time as operative in the larger hospital pharmacies, Birgitta had an ongoing contact with doctors and medical staff, functioning as a sounding board for numerous clever and innovative ideas.

– The same sensation which I now get to experience at Enorama as well, Birgitta says. – There is a serious, ambitious, creative height presented both from our staff and our partners.

A further area of responsibility as QA Manager, includes an overlook of written content describing quality aspects in business and supplier agreements.

As the Enorama production is placed outside the EU (India), all of our products undergo testing in analysis-labs in Germany prior to import. Regulatory requirements for the products to be approved for sale and marketing in the EU.