Meet Krister Thörnquist. Product Project Manager at Enorama Pharma



Krister Thörnquist, act as Product Project Manager at Enorama Pharma.

Counting years of similar responsibility at AstraZeneca both in Lund and Södertälje, Krister has entered an important role in the company.

– Extensive experience in project management has given me the ability to foresee occurring needs and challenges. For us as well as for our customers. To anticipate what is to be communicated and at times, practically being taken care of.

– My area of responsibility is within production of Enorama white pouches. I support subcontractors and customers with agreements, logistics and much more. Together, we dive into quality and details. Even though regulations concerning white pouches (non-pharma) are not as strict as they are for regular pharmaceuticals, to my mind we still need to place high demands on our own processes. That’s what I’m accustomed to and my responsibility to implement. To keep momentum. To do things right from the start. That’s an integral part of the Enorama success. Do things right and you will gain time. Reach markets faster.

– Truth told, the story is that my way in to Enorama came through the world of advertising. When I chose to leave AstraZeneca and return back to Skåne, a role of project manager was offered at an agency in Malmö. And looking back, it turned out to be a successful career move, since that’s how I came in contact with Enorama. The company I’m now very happy to be a part of.

– Collateral, Enorama is growing in a fast growing market. That calls for every area of our organization to be even clearer in both responsibility and ambition. As premium producer, it is of utmost importance that the quality of our products is met by the experience of employees as well as our corporate way of working. Our company shows an incredible, almost palpable drive. A sensation I wish more people could be able to experience.

– Enorama display a culture of mentorship that goes beyond both expertise and age limits. We learn from each other and teach others. I am so proud to be part of a learning organization. Where everyone shows a firm trust in who they are. Equally as strong in our offerings.