Meet Linus Welinder, R&D Project Manager at Enorama Pharma



As acting R&D Manager at Enorama Pharma, Linus Welinder stay in contact with company partners and development centers in Germany and India on a regular basis. An important part of Linus’ responsibility at Enorama and within the NRT product area, Nicotine Replacement Therapy.

“I am involved in the development of our nicotine chewing gum and they have rendered great interest and appreciation as products. User experiences show a softer chewing gum with a longer lasting taste which differentiates us from existing products on the market. It makes me extremely proud that Enorama has come so far with this product in a relatively short time soon to approach its launch. The level of built-up competence in this company is impressive.”

On a daily basis, the Corona pandemic has installed some practical restrictions. Instead of being on the move to India every other month, contact has out of necessity been switched to digital alternatives. Something proven to work very well.

“Being flexible and having a problem-solving mindset comes natural for us and our partners. Going forward is important for all of us. To maintain momentum.”

Linus have a degree in chemical engineering along with extensive experience from pharmaceutical development work. Time spent in highly specialized organizations such as AstraZeneca and Ferring has on a personal note been both developing and educational. But, in the midst of big scale, Linus grew a longing and a curiosity to find a smaller context where to have the opportunity to get closer to market and consumer. Enorama turned out to be a perfect match.

“My role at Enorama has become exactly what I had hoped for. Being a generalist as well as specialist is vital to a growing company. In dept and broad knowledge in conjunction, create understanding, respect and insight for the entire production chain.”