Meet Lucas Lissner. Product Developer at Enorama Pharma



Lucas Lissner, Product Developer at Enorama Pharma

“You will help to amend important areas in a future world. Develop and produce new and improved pharmaceuticals as well as a safer environment.”

These lines are part of the initial description of the Master of Science program in Biotechnology at Lund University in Sweden. A text that also serves as a well put description of Lucas Lissner, product developer within tobacco-free nicotine products at Enorama Pharma. Lucas, with a master’s degree in food technology on his CV as well.

– When I started in 2018, CEO, Mats Rönngard said: – We are going to develop the nicotine products of the future. And that very thought, to be able to develop something new, to build a lab from scratch, sounded just like the challenge right for me. A chance to follow a product every step from idea to reality.

As an engineer, Lucas is fascinated by insight and knowledge of both technology and hardware. The process of product development as a whole. Still, in particular, taste and flavor are found most exciting.

– Taste is culture. The preferences that people show regarding taste can be both fascinating and extensive. Salt, sweet, peppermint, cinnamon. Tradition of taste and place on earth sets the experience of our products. And we need to know these preferences – since one thing is for sure: One size doesn´t fit all.

– Nicotine Pouches are products of the future. Products who will constantly require new recipes and new flavors in a rapidly growing market. A call for Enorama and myself to, at all times, be perceptive when given feedback from our partners. A key to our success.