Meet Mårten Appelgren, Business Development Director Enorama Pharma.



One of many responsibilities at hand for Mårten Appelgren, Business Developer at Enorama Pharma, is to identify and establish contact with best functioning, long-term partners, for Enorama’s business operations and development. Creating optimal product-to-market paths. Structure and volume are key.

– The Enorama products raise attention. From well established operators, as well as those looking for an opportunity to find products that offers a fast way into an ever-growing market. There’s a wide scope amongst those who make contact in an ambition to do business, says Mårten.

– The phone rings constantly. A pleasant situation of course, finding our products in demand by many. Nevertheless, since immediate business could be tempting, it is important to be careful with whom Enorama decide to collaborate with. Sharing a common business goal is important. Also, partners that we sign up with should provide a solid market presence and established sales channels in their respective countries. Strategic choices as we see it. Good business is done over time.

– For me it’s without discussion that Enorama is absolutely aligned with what we offer. Our product catalog, our know-how, and not least our ambition to strive for a reduced use of harmful tobacco products. Presenting alternative nicotine products that offer valuable opportunities for those with the ambition to leave smoking behind. Products that we handle and sell with all the respect and responsibility they require.

– During my initial years at Enorama, I have experienced such a drive and a conviction from all around me. Something that will take us far. To create absolute growth. Our products are ready and it’s time to make money of our own. Looking at it, I’m convinced that in a not-too-distant future, there will be a lesser part of smokers in a large part of the world. 

The cost on the individual and at all levels of society is not acceptable. A better solution is definitely offered by Enorama.