Meet Therése Nielsen, Project Manager Enorama Pharma.



–  Concern for details. That’s what I would say is my prime strength. To act as a link between the different parts of our company.  To ensure that we express ourselves the right way and do right in our processes. As a listed pharmaceutical company Enorama is a largely regulatory-regulated business. That is why it’s extremely important that we have a detailed scrutiny of things. However small and insignificant they seem to be.

Those are the words of Therése Nielsen. Project manager at Enorama Pharma. Entering Enorama as trained Information architect Therése has over the years grown to become the heart of things at Enorama. The one team and management turn to for feedback and support. Gathering as well as delivering insight and information. Few things escape Thérese’s committed gaze and consideration. A valued and appreciated oversight raising the bar, serving as important time saver.

– Being agile and quick in the response to arising needs and opportunities is a great quality in our company. The ability to spot a business opportunity and hang on to it shows a huge strength. Still, we are brave not foolhardy.

The enthusiasm and expertise that exists in Enorama has taken the company towards new markets. We are opening up in North America initially presenting our Nicotine Pouch, NIC-S, to a large consumer market via a major e-commerce platforms. NIC-S also has its own website for a full brand and product insight.

– I am so proud and happy to be able to contribute with my part in corporate progress, says Therése. Having something of a bird’s eye view as well as a falcon’s eye in our everyday business life. To ensure that we conduct accordingly is a very rewarding feeling. Enorama has an important role to play as a developer and supplier to match the global trend that aims towards a tobacco-free society and better public health.

What is happening is just the beginning. We are in place.