Meet Yana Z Falk. Product Developer at Enorama Pharma

Möt Yana Z Falk, Produktutvecklare Enorama Pharma


– Working with product development in a laboratory could at times be compared to detective work. You are part of a very highly skilled R&D team. Striving towards a common goal to find evidence for the actual effect of the products you currently are working on. The process from an idea to an actual product is amazing.

Meet Yana Z Falk. Product developer at Enorama Pharma. Originating in 1.2 million city Kazan in central Russia, Yana arrived in Sweden 2009 for her PhD in Biomedical science which was completed in 2013. After graduation she then gained experience as researcher for pharmaceutical companies as well as in the field of food and cosmetics.

– I joined Enorama late 2018 and have loved every day at since, says Yana. Spending most of my time in the lab collaborating with highly motivated colleagues to create the best product solution possible. Having workshops. Sharing thoughts and findings.

– Lab work consists of so much more than test tubes, sampling and charts. More than active pharmaceutical ingredients, API. It’s passion, learning and communication. Very much about understanding the end user. The consumer. Those who really benefit from the products Enorama develop and bring to the market. Something I am very proud to be a part of.

– The very thought of having people leave the use of tobacco is such a driver, Yana continues. The value of being a true ambassador of our products is immense. Imagine the future thrill when offering Russian long-time-smokers back home the possibility to make the transition away from tobacco with the help of our products. To experience the reward in their positive response of the effect. Benchmark IRL that is.

– I predict Enorama and our products as market leaders meeting up to every expectation.