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Meet Linus Welinder, R&D Project Manager at Enorama Pharma.

- Being a generalist as well as specialist is vital to a growing company. In dept and broad knowledge in conjunction, create understanding, respect and insight for the entire production chain.

Meet Lucas Lissner. Product Developer at Enorama Pharma.

- Taste is culture. The preferences that people show regarding taste can be both fascinating and extensive. Tradition of taste and place on earth sets the experience of our products.

Mutual Recognition Procedure (MRP) approved in Poland

The application process of the MRP in Poland, is completed and approved.

Variation applications approved in Germany

The final part of ongoing approval process concerning our nicotine chewing gum in Germany is accomplished.

Meet Krister Thörnquist. Product Project Manager at Enorama Pharma.

- Extensive experience in project management has given me the ability to foresee occurring needs and challenges. For us as well as for our customers. To anticipate what is to be communicated and at times, practically being taken care of.

Commit to Quit - WHO launches campaign to help 100 million people quit tobacco

In december 2020 World Health Organization (WHO) launched “Commit to Quit." A year-long global campaign for World No Tobacco Day 2021.

Meet Yana Z Falk. Product Developer at Enorama Pharma.

- Lab work consists of so much more than test tubes, sampling and charts. It’s passion, learning and communication.

Meet Jonas Sohlman. Appointed CFO Enorama Pharma since November 2020.

Jonas joined Enorama after more than 25 years in the financial sector, including both asset management assignments and finance functions in major Swedish industrial companies.