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nicotine chewing gum

Enorama has submitted the proposed supplements on the MAA to the Swedish MPA

Enorama Pharma announces that proposed supplements to the Marketing Authorization Application (MAA) for each of the Company's four nicotine products - 2 mg and 4 mg chewing gum with mint and fruit mint flavor respectively - have been submitted July 18 2019, three days before...

cannabis plant leaf

Enorama Pharma's pathway towards a medical cannabis chewing gum

The potential market for medical cannabis is huge. Enorama Pharma's management believes that there will be a great need for serious cannabis products in the future. Enorama is currently working on prototype development of a cannabis chewing gum containing CBD that is primarily...

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Trump administration strips India of special trade status

This decision does not affect Enorama Pharma's ongoing development work of nicotine gum for Dr. Reddy's and the North American market - says CEO Mats Rönngard.

“We are now launching a deeper review of the decision in order to gain better knowledge of any meaning for Enorama and...

chewing gum

The Greece market for smoking cessation products is growing

Greece, with its 11 million inhabitants, has one of Europe's highest number of smokers and struggles with the public health effects of smoking. This has led Greek authorities to launch a national plan for reducing the number of smokers in the country. One effect of this is that...

board members

New elections are proposed to the Board of Enorama Pharma: Bengt Jönsson and Anders Dahlin

On February 6 2019, Enorama Pharma decided to appoint a Nomination Committee to prepare the next Annual General Meeting's resolutions on election and remuneration issues. In the notice of the Annual General Meeting on May 24 2019, the Nomination Committee's proposal for election...

medical cannabis

Enorama initiates collaboration with cannabis expert Dr. Arno Hazekamp

Enorama Pharma initiates a collaboration with Dr. Arno Hazekamp to benefit from his expertise within cannabis. Arno advices Enorama's product developers and a cannabis workshop was recently arranged to broaden the company's knowledge of cannabis and discuss the constantly...

european cannabis symposium

Enorama Pharma participates at the European Cannabis Symposium May 6 2019, Copenhagen

MJBizDaily’s European Cannabis Symposium gathers leaders in the business, research and legislation of Europe’s medical cannabis markets for an intensive one-day event in Copenhagen, Denmark. Attendees will get an overview of industry structures and standards as well as insight...

non smoking oral nicotine

Oral nicotine products provide safer distribution of nicotine

Enorama's new unit for nicotine products, non-pharmaceuticals, works with nicotine distributed in the oral cavity.