Long awaited German launch of Enorama nicotine chewing gum

Enorama Pharma’s business partner, betapharm Arzneimittel GmbH, has launched Nicotin beta® on the German market


Tobacco Plus Expo

Last week, over 1500 industry leading professionals representing all sectors of the tobacco, vape and alternative product market converged on the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

DS Group – A multifaceted international partner

Long-term perspective and trust are objectives that clearly summarize the motivation behind the increased level of investment in Enorama Pharma by DS Group.

Enorama Pharma issues strategically placed directed public shares

DS Group, with their HQ in Singapore will be able to help us in all facets of business development through their great insight and experience in the industry.

Enorama Pharma Inc. is growing

We welcome Spencer Hirst as Head of Business Development for our US Subsidiary, Enorama Pharma Inc.

Target 2030: An obvious step towards a sustainable future

An improved public health is something that Enorama hopes to be able to contribute to through our NRT chewing gums.

A littered cigarette butt will cause you some consequences

Cigarette butts is the number one single use product littered in Sweden.

NIC-S Storytelling

In these short clips we allow for the forest and water to beautifully juxtapose to the pulse and people of the big cities.