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An American success. Enorama Pharma Inc. Part 1.

- US, being the land of opportunity is no myth. It’s very much a reality. And a lovely one I must say.

May 31, 2021. World No Tobacco Day.

Offering countries around the world an opportunity to pay attention to and act upon the catastrophic impact of tobacco on man and environment.

Top marks for NIC-S in the U.S.

Shortly after the May 2021 US sales launch of NIC-S, the first product review has been published. And much to our appreciation, NIC-S hit high marks throughout.

Meet Therése Nielsen, Project Manager Enorama Pharma.

-  Concern for details. That’s what I would say is my prime strength. To act as a link between the different parts of our company.

NIC-S® - Born in Sweden

Enorama launch its first own brand in the US: NIC-S. Tobacco-free, All White Nicotine Pouches.

Enorama Pharma in agreement with Northerner Scandinavia Inc

The agreement covers sales of Enorama's tobacco-free, All White Nicotine Pouches, to U.S. consumers.

Enorama Pharma Inc. is now in business.

The ambition having an Enorama Pharma held business in North America is obvious: It’s crucial to be part of the North American market and in contact with our partners there.

Meet Mårten Appelgren, Business Development Director Enorama Pharma.

- The Enorama products raise attention.