Enorama Pharma Inc. is growing

We welcome Spencer Hirst as Head of Business Development for our US Subsidiary, Enorama Pharma Inc.

Target 2030: An obvious step towards a sustainable future

An improved public health is something that Enorama hopes to be able to contribute to through our NRT chewing gums.

A littered cigarette butt will cause you some consequences

Cigarette butts is the number one single use product littered in Sweden.

NIC-S Storytelling

In these short clips we allow for the forest and water to beautifully juxtapose to the pulse and people of the big cities.

Tobacco Endgame - Timed goal for a Smoke free Sweden 2025

Simply aiming to stifle cigarette consumption is becoming less and less of a satisfactory goal.

CBD - Nature’s own medicine

CBD is one of Enorama’s prioritized areas of product and market development.

An idea emerges. About submarines and nicotine gum.

The idea was to be able to replace parts of the nicotine the smoker inhaled through the smoke.


The American Path to Success. Looking Ahead. Part 3.

- NIC-S is going to become synonymous with Nicotine Pouches.