Enorama Pharma in agreement with Northerner concerning sales of All White Nicotine Pouches to consumers in U.S.

Enorama Pharma AB has entered an agreement with Northerner Scandinavia Inc. covering sales of the companys tobacco-free, All White Nicotine Pouches, to U.S. consumers. The products will be sold and marketed under the Enorama registered trademark: NIC-S®

The Northerner agreement is the first to be entered by Enorama Pharma Inc.
A fully owned Enorama U.S. subsidiary.

The agreement, valid through December 31, 2021, gives Northerner a non-exclusive right to sell the products to consumers in the United States. Sales will primarily be conducted via websites nicokick.com and northerner.com/us. The launch is associated with non-recurring and start-up costs and therefore expected to have a positive net margin at the earliest during the end of the agreement period.

- We’ve been preparing for the launch of our patent-pending completely tobacco-free, All White Nicotine Pouches for some time now. Production- and marketing strategy for NIC-S is in place as well as our U.S. subsidiary. The sales agreement with Northerner is an important milestone that will mean a lot in our work to build Enorama market- and company value, says CEO Mats Rönngard, Enorama Pharma.

Northerner Scandinavia Inc. is a company within the Haypp Group which is a merger between Snusbolaget and Northerner Inc.