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New elections are proposed to the Board of Enorama Pharma: Bengt Jönsson and Anders Dahlin

On February 6 2019, Enorama Pharma decided to appoint a Nomination Committee to prepare the next Annual General Meeting's resolutions on election and remuneration issues. In the notice of the Annual General Meeting on May 24 2019, the Nomination Committee's proposal for election...

Enorama initiates collaboration with cannabis expert Dr. Arno Hazekamp

Enorama Pharma initiates a collaboration with Dr. Arno Hazekamp to benefit from his expertise within cannabis. Arno advices Enorama's product developers and a cannabis workshop was recently arranged to broaden the company's knowledge of cannabis and discuss the constantly...

european cannabis symposium

Enorama Pharma participates at the European Cannabis Symposium May 6 2019, Copenhagen

MJBizDaily’s European Cannabis Symposium gathers leaders in the business, research and legislation of Europe’s medical cannabis markets for an intensive one-day event in Copenhagen, Denmark. Attendees will get an overview of industry structures and standards as well as insight...

Oral nicotine products provide safer distribution of nicotine

Enorama's new unit for nicotine products, non-pharmaceuticals, works with nicotine distributed in the oral cavity.

Enorama Pharma submitted requested additions on its MAA to the Swedish MPA

Additions sent in four weeks before schedule.

Enorama Pharma establishes a laboratory for medical cannabis

The lab will continue the very promising project and implement prototype development of a medical cannabis chewing gum.

Enorama Pharma enters into agreements regarding screening study within Cough & Cold

The cost of this initial analysis is covered by MediiGum LLC.

Enorama Pharmas preferential rights issue oversubscribed

A few days after the announcement, we would like to reflect on the strong outcome and the great interest.