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BioStock: Today we celebrate "World No Tobacco Day"

World Health Organization WHO estimates that there are about 1 billion smokers in the world.

BioStock: Sunday interview with Annette Agerskov

Enorama Pharmas Vice President on the Market Application Agreement

Finished the final studies of our first two products

The share rises 25 per cent.

The second bioequivalence study is completed

The result is positive and means that all studies required for pharmaceutical registration are completed.

BioStock: Enorama Pharma about the US agreement

Interview with Vice President, Annette Agerskov, about the new collaboration and what it means for Enorama Pharma.

BioStock: Sunday interview with Annette Agerskov

We meet Annette Agerskov who has worked with chewing gum for most of her professional life.

Aizant - FDA approved key partner for Enorama Pharma

With Aizant's production capacity and specialist expertise, the partnership looks at least on paper as a home run for Enorama.