NIC-S® – Born in Sweden


Carrying the taste and feel of Sweden, Enorama launch its first own brand in the US: NIC-S. Tobacco-free, All White Nicotine Pouches.

To meet up a with conscious and varied taste preference from a wide group of consumers, NIC-S is presented in five well-balanced flavours. NIC-S All White Nicotine Pouches comes in three different strengths: 3, 6 and 9 mg, thus adding further choices. NIC-S contain a milder strength nicotine base well matching American consumer demands. It’s also our responsibility as a serious producer to present a product range without remarkably high nicotine strengths. Our mantra “use nicotine responsibly” is highly valued.

NIC-S is a premium product out of Enorama own patent-pending formula. Packaging is made of a biological and renewable material. A long-term goal is to create a product that is 100% degradable.

NIC-S has a lively and fresh Scandinavian feel in both product experience and packaging design. The name of the product: NIC-S, is easy to pronounce. Easy to remember.

The sentiment “Born in Sweden” carries a promise for brand and product. Attractive for an increasingly growing as well as insightful U.S. consumer market. “Born in Sweden” is a well-thought-through communication providing

confirmation to the conscious consumer of the Swedish and Scandinavian exoticism and allure.

As an innovative development company, Enorama has a high level of credibility in the fact that the company once started without any links to the tobacco industry. With an ambition to reduce dangerous tobacco smoking offering alternative, tobacco-free, nicotine products. Public health and Harm Reduction are paramount for the Enorama and NIC-S path to consumer and market.

We have reached the American market according to plan together with collaborators within launch and sales. All done and performed in an Enorama and NIC-S way. We act and respond in ways that differ from others. Our immediate focus is marketing, sales along with a continued development of concepts and products.

Enorama needs and ambition are to create sales volume and market shares. Through our own brand NIC-S, great many consumers will have the opportunity to buy, try and appreciate the product now being offered. We are up and running.