NIC-S® launch at NACS

NACS is an annual show that gathers professionals from the convenience and fuel retailing industry for 4 dynamic days of networking, exploring new products, and fostering business expansion. This year, the event takes place in Atlanta, Georgia, and our US partner Premier Manufacturing Inc. is gearing up to introduce NIC-S® to the US retail market early next year. Historically, this go-to event, spanning 400,000 sq. ft, attracts about 23,000 attendees and highlights over 1,200 exhibitors.
Supporting Premier on-site in Atlanta is Enorama Inc.’s North American President and COO, Steve Sandman. He notes, “It’s an essential venue to mark one’s presence. Everyone of significance is here, from competitors and purchasers to stakeholders, ranging from major retail chains to the smaller ones. An unparalleled stage to introduce a new offering, and our interactions so far have been extremely promising.”
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