NIC-S Storytelling


The main benefit of video content is that it stimulates both your abstract and logical mind. We know this and that’s why high-quality video content is such a big component of Enorama Pharma’s marketing mix. It offers a greater ability to establish brand recognition while also emphasizing on NIC-S’ Scandinavian roots, especially for our new American audience.

In these short clips we allow for the forest and water to beautifully juxtapose to the pulse and people of the big cities. It ties the product with its origins together and creates a buzz and excitement for our recent launch. NIC-S – Born in Sweden, simply put. Check out the videos and see what emotions they spark for you.

NIC-S – Born in Sweden

We are positioning our own brand, NIC-S, as a premium product in these series of social media videos. Tying in the Swedish origin and the Scandinavian footage makes for a great combo. Our Nicotine Pouches, that come in five flavors and in three different strengths is ready for the US market as the premium product that it is.   


This is storytelling at its finest. The health benefits of going Tobacco Free is incredibly obvious for Isaac, as he explains to us how heightened his senses are pre-, vs. post ditching the cigarettes. His sophisticated palette is back, and it tastes oh so good.


NIC-S, Nicotine Pouches are completely Tobacco Free and that’s how we want it. But we didn’t create NIC-S just for the sake of it, there’s a great demand for 100% Tobacco Free alternatives, especially in the US, where health awareness is on the rise. It’s prime for a market that care about which products that best match their lifestyle.