Enorama Pharma develops and manufactures medicated nicotine chewing gums. We utilize a modern technology platform, the ChewMed® technology, that is better suited for production of medicated chewing gums than traditional technologies. The ChewMed® technology allows us to produce our gums from a dry gum powder under high pressure. And, most important, the entire process is completed at low temperature.


The Enorama Pharma nicotine gum:
  • 2 and 4 mg strength
  • Mint and fruitmint flavor
  • Bioequivalent to Nicorette®
  • Dossier available for licensing
  • 2 years shelf life

A superior nicotine gum is a natural first step

Since we at Enorama Pharma are convinced that smoking is all about pleasure we are certain that any product aiming at facilitating smoking cessation has to be maximum enjoyable. That is why the Enorama Pharma nicotine gum is a logical first product for us to offer the market. The Enorama Pharma nicotine gum has an intense flavor and long-lasting flavor duration, refreshing crunchiness and attractive packaging.

FDA and EMA approved manufacturing plant with high capacity

In accordance with our business model, Enorama Pharma has outsourced production to our partner Aizant in India. Aizant is a CRO and CMO company which performs laboratory and clinical testing as well as manufacturing of the final products. The Aizant manufacturing plant is approved by both European and American authorities.

Positive study results

The Enorama Pharma nicotine gum is as effective and safe as any existing nicotine gum. The Enorama Pharma nicotine gum is bioequivalent to market leader Nicorette® which means that it carries and releases nicotine in a comparable manner and the mucous absorption of nicotine is just as good.

In a sensory profiling, the Enorama Pharma nicotine gum has shown positive characteristics when it comes to the consumer chewing experience and taste.

Our gums - both mint- and fruitmint flavor - are experienced as softer than traditional gums. The taste is also perceived as intense and long-lasting. 

  • Is an internationally recognized Indian fast growing CRO and CMO company.
  • Cooperates with pharmaceutical companies regarding R&D of new molecular compounds as well as generic drugs.
  • Performs laboratory tests, clinical tests, analysis, formulations and manufacturing of finished products.
  • Has authority of the FDA and several EU states as well as the WHO.

A nicotine gum with your own brand?

The Enorama Pharma nicotine gum can be customized to suit our customer needs and expectations. It comes in two different flavors, mint and fruitmint and in nicotine doses of 2 and 4 mg. The product is ready for sale in its primary packaging. Branding and final design is up to each customer and partner.