An industry in total change

In 2017, André Calantzopoulos, CEO of Philip Morris, stated that the company should stop selling cigarettes as early as 2025. Although we may not think that all cigarette sales will cease that soon, it proves that the tobacco industry is changing dramatically. Several global tobacco companies have started to position themselves on the tobacco-free nicotine market and have a pronounced focus on harm reduction products where oral nicotine distribution is gaining more and more space. The market for smart, safe and smokeless nicotine products, not classified as pharmaceuticals, is predicted to have a strong growth potential.

Tobacco-free nicotine products, non-pharmaceutical

The products developed within Enorama Pharma's new business area are different from traditional NRT products in that they do not claim to have medical effects. Thus, they are not covered by medical regulatory directives.

Patent applications

The essence of Enorama Pharma's product development is to distribute nicotine exclusively through the oral cavity, thus avoiding the risks associated with inhalation into the lungs. In September 2019, Enorama Pharma applied to the Swedish Patent and Registration Office for a patent concerning an oral nicotine powder. In October 2019, Enorama Pharma filed another patent application for the nicotine powder filling process. These patents will greatly benefit Enorama Pharma's product development of tobacco-free nicotine pouches.

 Tobacco-free nicotine pouches

The "All White" segment

Less than 50 years ago, loose snus was the only available snus option. Today, snus is divided into a number of different categories from loose snus to different types of portion snus. The newest addition is the All White category, which only has two things in common with traditional snus - you put it under your lip and it contains nicotine. The main and most important difference is that All White pouches are completely tobacco-free and therefore also white in its appearance.


  • Nicotine
  • Natural fibers
  • Flavorings
  • Sweetener


  • 100% tobacco-free, but still contains nicotine
  • "All White" - does not stain the teeth
  • Without smell and taste of tobacco
  • Less salivation