A safer distribution of nicotine

Enorama's new unit for nicotine products, non-pharmaceuticals, works with nicotine distributed in the oral cavity. The new business area will offer the conscious, modern consumer a more secure nicotine distribution.

What creates ill health for smokers and others in its environment is the harmful smoke. All inhalation of aerosols is harmful and can cause, for example COPD, and ultimately also lead to cancer and other diseases. The lethal smoke consists of carbon monoxide, tar, nitrogen oxides and at least 70 known carcinogens and over 9,000 other harmful substances.

New products such as vaporizers and heat-not-burn can also become a significant public health threat when the aerosol exposes the lung to solvents, flavorings and toxicants. Long-term studies on the effects of these products have not yet been done. The weakness with most of these new products is that they are still based on inhalation of nicotine into the lungs.

Our products will only distribute the nicotine in the oral cavity and therefore avoid the risks associated with inhalation into the lungs. We believe that the future nicotine products are products where nicotine is released in the oral cavity, and not via the lungs - as the illustration shows. Simply, a safer distribution of nicotine.