Taking the full advantage
of the ChewMed® platform

The nicotine gum is just the first application of our compressed gum. The ChewMed® platform is unusually well suited for administration of other generic APIs as well as non-medical substances. Over time our aim is to develop different applications within various therapy areas, such as allergy, pain management, erectile dysfunction and others.

Oromucosal drug delivery by active gums

Drug administration through the oral cavity has been a reality for a long time. It has several advantages over traditional tablet administration. Among other things, you avoid the first-pass metabolism and the uptake to the systemic circulation is effective and immediate. It gives a fast onset of effect and fewer side effects than if the drug was administered via the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, with medicated gums there is no need for adding water at intake. Not least important, chewing gum offers the user a refreshing taste experience making treatment more pleasant. That is why we believe that medicated gums, or so called active gums or functional gums, are the future way of drug administration.

Allergic rhinitis

As a first step, Enorama Pharma has chosen to investigate the possibilities to develop a medicated gum for treatment of allergic rhinitis, a market with huge potential. An initial technical evaluation has been performed regarding some active substances. The analysis points out seven APIs as potential candidates and the development will continue in the coming year.

Make a suggestion!

We are always interested in learning more. So, if you have an idea for an API that would fit as a medicated chewing gum, do not hesitate to contact us. Our ChewMed® platform is unusually well adapted for evaluation of potential substances´ suitability to be delivered by a chewing gum.