Registration application for nicotine chewing gum in Sweden approved


It is with great pleasure that Enorama Pharma (“Enorama”) is able to announce that an approval has been given from the Swedish Medical Products Agency regarding the national registration application concerning nicotine chewing gum in Sweden. Pursued and paid for by Enorama client Evolan Pharma AB (“Evolan”). Evolan will be the holder of the marketing authorization.

March 2020, Enorama entered a supplementary agreement with Evolan regarding the sale of nicotine chewing gum in eight (8) Northern European markets, Sweden included. With operations in several countries globally, Evolan state as an important strategic partner for Enorama in Northern Europe. Evolan is one of Sweden’s fastest growing pharmaceutical companies. At an early stage, looking at the possibilities for the Enorama nicotine chewing gum.

The agreement with Enorama confirmed that Evolan in its own name should apply for and pay for national permits for the sale of the product. Now the Swedish Medical Products Agency has returned delivering a positive message: The application has been approved. Evolan is the holder of the marketing authorization for Enorama’s nicotine chewing gum on the Swedish market.

“A well expected and commercially important message, as it states a prerequisite for the products to be able to reach market and consumers. A true validation of our product. We are proud that necessary permits are in place in Sweden “, says Mats Rönngard, CEO of Enorama Pharma.