Target 2030: An obvious step towards a sustainable future


Target 2030: An obvious step towards a sustainable future


The UN has established a set of seventeen global goals to be met by 2030 as an initiative to reach a more socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable development across the world. This is an ambitious and important plan, not just for us human beings but for our planet and general welfare. There are a couple of these targets where Enorama and the pharmaceutical industry can make an even more substantial impact: Target #3; “Ensuring healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages”, and #9 “Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation”.  

The baseline condition to meet these seventeen goals starts with an overall good public health. Vice versa, each individual goal set by the UN also then work to foster overall improve the health and well-being of the global population. An improved public health is something that Enorama hopes to be able to contribute to through our NRT chewing gums that offers the user the ability to quit the desire of using tobacco products. This is something we believe that our Synthetic Nicotine Pouches, NIC-S, also can do.

In this aspect it is also hard to imagine how the existing tobacco industry, especially “Big Tobacco”, can make any sort of believable claim to work towards those same goals. If anything, it stands to reason that their approach to the smokeless category is more of a matter of compensating for dropping sales due to shift in society that is getting more and more informed by the day of the many health hazards of inhaling smoke and vape. It is our belief that products aimed to improve the overall public health cannot have its origins in the tobacco and cigarette industry.

A sustainable development means reaching an economic and social welfare for the entire global population while keeping the environmental impact to a minimum. Business has an important role towards this mission, and the pharmaceutical industry in particular, is taking needs to take a great responsibility in achieving this. Sustainability, in this context, assumes minimizing the environmental production impact as well as to work proactively on prevention methods to reduce common illnesses and thus the need for medicine. In addition, we need to work towards providing a sound work environment for the employees, further pushing the envelope on medical innovation, and perhaps most important; setting strict ethical guidelines for the industry as a whole.

Good public health and well-being is beneficial for the society as a whole. It improves the nations’ economic well-being and improves their ability to compete across the industries. The pharmaceutical industry is perhaps the most innovative industry on the planet, and Enorama is no different in their pursuit to innovation and research excellence. Research and development, along with effective treatment options, and access to improved prevention information and alternatives is a critical component in our pursuit to improving the overall public health of this planet.

There’s a general consensus that for all these goals to be met there needs to be a synchronized cooperation all the way from the governments down to the businesses, the scientific community, down to the individual global citizen. These goals are only realistic if we all do our part. We at Enorama strongly believe in this cause and we subscribe to it with every sense of competence and ambition that we have to offer.