The American path to success. Born in Sweden – NIC-S. Part 2.


Born in Sweden – NIC-S. Part 2.

The story of Enorama Pharma’s American affiliate Enorama Pharma Inc continues.

In the previous article, General Manager US Operations, Kristoffer Rönngard, talked about the process of formation of our U.S. subsidiary as well as about the journey to launch our own brand NIC-S. He talked about the many differences and similarities between Sweden and the US as well as highlighting the crucial importance of a powerful network and contacts.

In this part of the series we will focus on Enoramas first US product: The poster boy, “NIC-S”, the Nicotine pouches that comes in five flavours and three strengths. Offered to insightful users trying to find a way from tobacco use with the help of alternative and less harmful products. A process defined as Harm Reduction.

– To give you a little bit more insight on the naming of first in-house product:
“NIC-S was a top contender even in our early creative explorations” Kristoffer explains. “A brand name that could symbolize our premium product yet carry a clearly stated vision of a smoke-free society”.

Enorama introduced NIC-S to the market with the intention of differentiating our product offering to that of our competition. Our value proposition is highly attractive in that we base our products on science and development from the pharmaceutical world, whereas virtually all other established brands on the market today are owned or developed by big tobacco or distributors.

To our knowledge, NIC-S is the first brand introduced from a company with origins from the pharmaceutical industry. Something we are very proud of a sentiment we want to be clear and transparent about. This background adds authenticity and reliability to our brand.

NIC-S means lifestyle rather than trend. We make it available as a premium product offering. Options to improve your everyday life and your future health.

On top of that, we add our Born in Sweden seal on our label assuring premium safety and quality. A kind of stamp of approval sprung from the fact that Sweden is often considered as the motherland for safe and risk-reducing products.

On top of that, the NIC-S packaging is made of ISCC certified pine resin (pine oil) material, further emphasizing NIC-S’ Swedish origin as a symbol for progressive a environmental mindset and ecological awareness. Quite simply: Born in Sweden.

We are seeing an overall increased awareness in the US of the benefits of tobacco-free nicotine products can offers. Especially the Nicotine Pouch category has aroused curiosity among American consumers. A direction we are very exciting to closely follow.

Through our market analysis and benchmarking, we knew that Enorama’s background in pharmaceuticals would allow us to gain a competitive advantage. However, we had to gain more experience and insight how to best develop a product that would be well received by an American audience.

Taste profiles, strengths, size and shape material of the pouches, all critical components to a great product that needed attention and dedication.

The result? NIC-S!

A series of well-balanced products for an adult audience. We craft our products with a mature audience in mind since we keen on ensuring that what we produce is targeted to an adult and age appropriate target group, a group who is primarily looking for better alternatives than smoke, vape, and tobacco. We are not interested in presenting flavors or features which in any way would appeal to a younger audience and/or would attract someone who is not an active nicotine user.

Establishing great partnerships is key to the success of NIC-S. Our partners must be serious and reliable to ensure that our visions and value proposition is carried out the way we intend it to. In our continued expansion, reaching as wide an audience as possible, we must ensure that this happens in the right way. Having the right partners using the right channels is everything.

We chose to launch NIC-S together with Haypp Group since we early on we felt that we had shared values of introducing harm reduction products to the masses. Haypp is the category world leader offering modern nicotine products globally. They have a long experience of distribution and quality assurance carrying a high threshold for products they bring onto their shelves.

Our hope and ambition for the NIC-S brand is to communicate a sense of purity through the product and the nicotine experience. Again: Our vision is to contribute to a smoke-free society offering a premium smoke-free, nicotine experience.

NIC-S appears sensible. Focused on product and values. We tell the story behind as well as communicate what the core of Swedish innovation is all about.

My team and I are extremely proud of what we have achieved so far. We are proud of the brand, the design and everything that NIC-S represents. And we continue our work to increase further awareness of NIC-S among a growing number of consumers. Boosting our sales. Increasing our revenue.

We know we’re here for a reason. Our brand and core values ​​being well received. NIC-S radiates both trust and reliability.

Finally. The impression of the name NIC-S is simple – almost underestimated – and in a way wonderfully Scandinavian. The brand name looks phenomenal on the packaging, as well as on and in all our marketing materials. Incredibly easy to recognize. Easy to understand.

All in all: We have seized on all the important elements to create a truly competitive product offering on the store shelves.