The American Path to Success. Looking Ahead. Part 3.


Part 3. Looking Ahead.

In a series of articles we are giving you a deeper insight to Enorama’s American entity, Enorama Pharma Inc. Kristoffer Ronngard, GM of the US operations is guiding us through the many ins and outs of Enorama Pharma’s goals and ambitions.

This third part in the article series talks about the successful launch and positive reviews received on our in-house Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouch brand, sold in an eco-friendly pine resin packaging. It’s with great excitement that Kristoffer is looking ahead to what’s next in NIC-S journey.

“Sales are now underway, which is a great feeling. NIC-S is now available for consumers across the US, which is incredibly exciting and we had some very impressive numbers upon launch. The goal was to introduce a product that appeals to an active and mature audience and to establish NIC-S as a household name in the category”. To gain momentum NIC-S was introduced through several exciting campaigns to incite trial of both flavors and strengths.

We know that the category of smokeless nicotine products is growing exponentially and we feel like we are entering at the right moment. NIC-S is available for consumers through a couple of solid and established online platforms. We are also actively driving our efforts to be able to push the brand out to more channels. This is a process of which we are very selective to ensure NIC-S is sold and distributed in a correct and responsible manner, appealing to the correct audience.

We have great ambitions with our US operations. The US is the most interesting, and perhaps the most important, market that Enorama currently has its eyes set on. For Enorma Pharma Inc. we now need to establish a strong and focused organization of hungry and talented people who are eager to push our brand the rest of the sales efforts forward.

“It might go without saying that our main focus is on expanding our sales and marketing efforts, to increase visibility and to grab market shares in a highly competitive landscape. In parallel with this growth we’ll also grow our team organically. Supporting us is an exceptional production and development team in Sweden which gives us confidence and energy”

NIC-S is entering the market as a premium product in the category. One of our main competitors have had a monopoly on brand recognition so far, where consumers often make a synonymous comparison of “Nicotine Pouches” and “Zyn Pouches”. This is something we are aming to change by offering a products we consider to be superior to anything else on the market. We will of course continue the development work to refine all aspects of our product.

Our attention to detail and quality will be the key to success. We want the totality of the NIC-S experience to be inspiring. Everything from our value proposition to our communication, design, and of course product quality, all must adhere to a bar set incredibly high.

As part of our communication strategy, we are working with influencers. But we do so incredibly cautiously to ensure that we don’t advocate our product as a fun or trendy thing, nor do we want to attract an audience that is either not of age or perhaps an audience that may in other scenarios not benefit from NIC-S. But the fact is that by partnering with the right people with an authentic voice we are able to get a more direct attention and engagement of the followers. We are very mindful of how our marketing dollars are invested. Good content and a strong social media presence is important, but it’s even more important that we act responsibly and on the right channels.

With this in mind, we were very happy to kick off our partnership with, a website that is ran by Chad Jones, a former smoker who is advocating harm reduction products like nicotine pouches as a legitimate smoking cessation device. Jones reviewed our products shortly after the launch of NIC-S and gave us high marks. We saw sales numbers go up upon his approval, perhaps much so that a couple of our SKUs ran out of stock early on. Now we’ve replenished with a full second order of products.

“After living in the US for more than a decade, I am able to look at the consumer behavior and confirm that Americans are generally impatient (I am including myself in this group), which makes sense since this is the land of options and opportunities. An open market encourages competition, which means you’ll need to be on your toes to constantly be relevant to your audience. You simply won’t survive on mediocracy. The US is also a massive country so to generalize and categorize this expansive nation to specific consumer patterns and behaviors can often get misleading. Nowhere on this planet will you find more independent and driven people through all social classes.”

The United States is an exceptionally complex and fascinating country with a diverse population that allows for all kinds of opportunities. There’s a market for every imaginable niche you can think of here, all you got to do is look for them.

“I am convinced that we’ll see a significant growth of NIC-S’ market shares and I think it’s just a matter of time before we’ll find NIC-S physically on the retail shelves. NIC-S is going to become synonymous with Nicotine Pouches. We will be a leader in the premium segment of the category.”

Through dedication and will power we were able to launch NIC-S online and our next step is to be visible on a retail shelf near you.