The Greece market for smoking cessation products is growing


Greece, with its 11 million inhabitants, has one of Europe’s highest number of smokers and struggles with the public health effects of smoking. This has led Greek authorities to launch a national plan for reducing the number of smokers in the country. One effect of this is that interest in nicotine gum increases. The competitive situation in the Greek market is also very favorable.

As a result, Enorama Pharma travels to Athens, Greece, to meet several potential customers. For some intensive days, Enorama Pharma has several planned meetings with companies that have shown an interest in the Company’s products.

“One thing that we understand is important for the Greek market is that the chewing gum is easy to chew since many smokers have poor dental status. There is a clear and important need we can satisfy with our chewing gum and where we actually separate ourselves from our competitors”, says Mårten Appelgren, Director of Business Development.