Top marks for NIC-S in the U.S.


Shortly after the May 2021 US sales launch of Enorama Nicotine Pouch, NIC-S, the first product review has been published. And much to our appreciation, NIC-S hit high marks throughout.

On independent fact/news/review page, publisher and personality Chad Jones has committed a solid and proper test round on four out of five NIC-S flavours. All which comes in three different levels of strength.

Clearly absorbing the core and intention of product and brand presentation, a thorough research on NIC-S was done by Snubie. Especially noticing NIC-S environmentally friendly cans and ambition to offer 100% tobacco-free nicotine products to consumers. – You can’t beat that, according to Chad Jones and Environmentalist as he claims to be.

Much of the storytelling surrounding individual taste experience is appreciated and commented on by Snubie. For the NIC-S brand, it is of great importance that this part of communication is clear and accessible.

What about the review then? Of course, preferences concerning taste and effect are very personal. Something also points out in its comments. On a scale of 1-5, the review is divided into Design (pouch), Aroma (fragrance), Mouthfeel (mouthfeel), Flavour (taste), Effect (nicotine content), and Longevity (duration).

All in all, Snubie appoints NIC-S a rating that stretches from 3.17 to 3.42. Which in his own mind should be called for as Very good! Especially – and so far – nothing higher than a four has ever been awarded any tested product by Snubie.

With that in mind, the numbers NIC-S have obtained in this review should be considered top class. The review also assesses how the nicotine strength of the pouches meet up what would be obtained from a certain amount of tobacco or cigarettes. According to Snubie, 3, 6 and 9 mg very well matches the most common U.S. tobacco consumption habits.

In conclusion: Snubie states that NIC-S really has something to offer US consumers looking for alternative nicotine products. NIC-S’ product range make a good overall impression, says Chad Jones. Claiming flavours Mixed Berry, Sweet Orange and Spiced Cinnamon as personal favourites. Final flavour Fresh Mint remains to be tried out. Something very much looked forward to. This is for sure a promising start to an exciting American sales journey.

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Film clips could also be found on YouTube where you will meet Chad Jones in his own world.

Chad Jones has long advocated a smoke-free environment. Already in 2009 blogging started about various alternative nicotine products available for tobacco users. The platform has become the result of many years of personal interest from Chad Jones. That combined with needs expressed by readers and followers for initiated comments and reviews concerning everything that happens around the world of snus. The concept of harm reduction not the least.

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