Trump administration strips India of special trade status


This decision does not affect Enorama Pharma’s ongoing development work of nicotine gum for Dr. Reddy’s and the North American market – says CEO Mats Rönngard.

“We are now launching a deeper review of the decision in order to gain better knowledge of any meaning for Enorama and our customers.

As we’ve mentioned before, the company develops nicotine gum for Dr. Reddy’s intended for the North American market. The development work of these chewing gums takes place at our partner Aizant in Hyderabad, India and is not affected by this decision.

Regarding the upcoming production, the evaluation work on the optimal production site continues and we will address the issue in the ongoing dialogue with Dr. Reddy’s and with other potential customers concerned with US trade decisions.

Enorama’s exports to the EU and other markets are not affected by the decision, since customs duties are already included in the Company’s calculations”, says CEO Mats Rönngard.

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