A unique method for developing superior medicated chewing gum

Enorama Pharma develops and manufactures medicated chewing gums. We utilize a modern technology platform, the ChewMed® technology, that is better suited for production of medicated chewing gums than traditional technologies. The ChewMed® technology allows us to produce our gums from a dry gum powder under high pressure. And, most important, the entire process is completed at low temperature.

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Benefits of using chewing gum for drug delivery:

  • Fast onset of action
  • Convenience – no water needed
  • Both systemic and local effect
  • Reduced dose – low first-pass effect
  • Fewer side effects

Benefits of the ChewMed® technology:

  • Superior ability to carry different APIs
  • Possibility to evaluate the suitability for different APIs
  • A more consumer-friendly medicated gum
  • Flexible manufacturing set up
  • Great potential to meet customer requirements

Benefits of the Enorama Pharma medicated gum:

  • Several flavors with intense and long-lasting flavor
  • Crunchy coating
  • Attractive appearance – gum and packaging
  • Great potential for multiple applications

Chewmed® technology

Great potential to carry different API’s

A cold and dry manufacturing process of chewing gums is advantageous compared to a traditional heat-dependent process, since heat and moist may negatively affect many potential active pharmaceutical ingredients. Therefore, the ChewMed® platform constitutes a superior foundation for development of different pharmaceutical applications of medicated gums.

Designed to create a good feeling

Another important aspect is the visual impression. Enorama Pharma chewing gums are designed to appeal to the user instead of looking like a traditional medicated product. We take design seriously and our ambition is to offer a product with an attractive appearance, both regarding the gum and the packaging.

A more appealing chewing gum experience

Not least important, the ChewMed® technology makes it possible for us to offer a medicated gum with superior consumer features. One advantage is the crunchy coating, which results in an unusually refreshing taste sensation when chewed upon. Consequently, taste, flavor duration and the full experience of the Enorama Pharma medicated chewing gum is rated very high by consumers.

Customized solutions and support

The ChewMed® platform offers a unique possibility to evaluate different APIs and their suitability for administration via medicated gums. Enorama Pharma offers our business partners to test their APIs in our in vitro test model. Prototypes can be made to assess and evaluate optimal doses as well as stability of the API during the manufacturing process. We also carry out consumer testing, including evaluation of customer satisfaction in regards of taste, texture and total experience.


A superior gum with your logo?

Any pharmaceutical company, pharmacy or other potential partner with interest in developing a chewing gum based drug delivery system for any generic API are welcome to contact us. Together we will be able to develop a new and unique product that suits your company and your customers’ needs. Design and branding of the final products are customized according to our partner’s needs and intentions.