Nicotine Pouches

Nicotine Pouches, tobacco-free white snus, is a category of new and safer non-pharma nicotine products that continues to gain market shares. The concept of Harm Reduction, risk reduction, is becoming more and more widespread and has gained a meaning and significance among tobacco smokers with the ambition to reduce their consumption and in the long term quit completely. There has almost been a revolution in the nicotine market, where companies around the world are looking for alternative solutions to meet people’s nicotine needs.

The growth potential of the nicotine pouch market is very important to Enorama Pharma. Our business area for non-pharma nicotine products is growing and developing rapidly with the help of our accumulated experience from the development and manufacturing of medical nicotine chewing gum.

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– Born in Sweden® 

Enorama Pharma’s first own brand, NIC-S® Nicotine Pouches, initially comes in three different strengths and six different flavors. A premium product carrying the taste and feel of Sweden and Scandinavia. The primary market is the US and North America, where we are located in California, Santa Barbara, with our own company, staff and sales partnerships. On-site presence in the United States is an absolute prerequisite for successful action in the North American market.

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B2B Private Label

  • In parallel with our investment in the US, we offer nicotine pouches as Private Label.

  • We develop and manufacture the products.

  • You market and distribute under your own brand.

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