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2 or 4

mg strength

Mint and fruit mint

Various flavors


Bioequivalent to Nicorette®


Dossier available for licensing

Enorama nicotine gum

The pleasant way to quit smoking

Approved in 7 EU markets

Enorama Pharmas is seeking partnership opportunities worldwide and has available market authorizations in several markets. We have approvals in 8 EU countries: Sweden, France, Spain, England, Germany, Poland and Greece. Registration processes is ongoing in several other countries also outside of Europe. Our first launch is expected 2021 in the EU.

Enorama Pharma works B2B. We develop and manufacture the products and our customers market and distribute under their own brand. We have nicotine gum dossiers available for in-licensing and offers to supply the finished products ready for sale.

Ready for in-licensing

High growth rates

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) is in the top of all OTC-categories. Many factors drive the global NRT market, one of which is the increased awareness that smoking is a health hazards. This has led to an increasing number of people trying to quit smoking. In addition, governments and organizations are driving anti-smoking campaigns offering extended NRT-support. The increase in cigarette prices globally is another major driver of the market. 


  • Patented
  • ChewMed® compressed technology
  • Bioequivalent to Nicorette®
  • 3 years shelf life
  • Zone 4B stability compliant
  • FDA and EMA manufacturing
  • Packaging options under development